Holiday celebrations turn chaotic in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In South Bend, the Fourth of July celebrations continued well into the early morning and that meant extra work for police and security officers in the area. 

ABC57's Eric Steltzer went downtown South Bend to see how police and security dealt with the extra chaos. 

He might just be a security guard but Edgar Moore takes his job seriously. The 64-year-old has seen it all, and says he loves keeping people safe.

He also likes to look good doing it.

The self proclaimed police cowboy says this gas station is usually busy. But during the holidays it can get out of control.

All night and into the early morning, people stopped by, adding to the already rowdy atomsphere.

Mack Jones and Moore say they have seen it all. From shootings, to stabbings and robberies in their time as security officers.

But they both say their hardwork is all worth making South Bend a better place.

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