Holiday travelers remember winter 2013 pile-up

 Travelers are driving long distances through the evening to make it home in time for the holidays. David Boyce travels three to four thousand miles a month! He works in Michigan and lives in Iowa

He says traveling down US 131 to I 94 the roads have been wet but not too dangerous. He says it's nothing in comparison to what he experienced last year when he was caught in the winter pile-up on I 94.

“Well I just know that it started snowing really bad and then the trucks started slowing down and then I was in that for four or five hours at least sitting there just waiting for them to clear the accident up,” says Boyce

Being that Boyce drives so often he has a routine to stay safe. 

“I normally go under the speed limit anyways and let people pass me, ya know. It's just not worth it anymore. I do a lot of driving so three or four thousand miles a month so it just makes it better to stay back and let things happen. If I see something I usually just slow down any ways. I'm never in a big rush and another five or 10 minutes is not worth it to me,” adds Boyce. 
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