Home care assistant arrested for stealing from elderly man, police say

Police arrested a woman who allegedly made fraudulent transactions with an elderly man’s debit card after being assigned to assist him in his home.

James Reaves of South Bend was receiving household assistance from Sencare Home Helpers when the incident took place.

Police say Tawana Triplett was assigned to assist Reaves at his home in March.

In mid March, Reaves learned that nineteen fraudulent transactions had occurred with his debit card.

The unauthorized transactions began on March 2nd and ended on March 10th at businesses including Wal-Mart, Teacher’s Credit Union, AAA Federal Credit Union, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, Nathon's Clothing & Shoes, Murphy Oil and several other establishments totaling $5,533.63.

Reaves told investigators he gave Triplett permission to use his debit card on two occasions to purchase household cleaning supplies.

Investigators received video from one of the establishments that recorded the fraudulent transaction taking place with Reaves’ debit card.

Detectives say they saw Triplett on the recording withdraw money using Reaves card that she later deposited into her own account.

Detectives also gathered pictures taken of Triplett using Reaves’ debit card at another business on four separate occasions.

Officials then spoke with the business Triplett was working for to confirm she had been assigned to assist Reaves.

Triplett was arrested Monday for a warrant that was issued on July 14th. Triplett was released on a $500 bond and is due in court in August for her initial hearing.

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