Home opener means big business for local stores

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Notre Dame's home opener doesn't kick off until tomorrow. But on Friday, local business owners are already gearing up for game day.

It's past one in the morning and these two are still at work getting ready for Saturday.

Mary Smith, the owner of Studebagels says the home opener is one of the best days for business.

"You always feel it in the air first, and the people start coming to town," said Smith.

These are just some of the bagels being stored in advance. Workers will also be making bagels throughout the night.

Mary says she will be bringing in college and high school help as well as previous staffers now working other jobs.

"We can double, triple what we would make. It just always depends," said Smith. "You never know what they're going to walk in and buy."

That's why she says the best thing to do is to prepare for more customers then they expect. Customers typically rush the store before the game, and before tailgating.

But sometimes with all the delicious choices, it can be hard deciding what you want. And Mary says the key to enjoying game day, is filling the stomachs of your friends and family.

"If they're just going to tailgate, probably a breakfast sandwich would be good," said Smith. "Always take something fresh for the rest of the people."

To help keep the lines moving try figuring out what you going to get before you get here. And if you have a large order, make sure to call in advance.

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