Homeowners fed up with water main breaks, desperately in need of long-term fix

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- A neighborhood along the City of St. Joseph and the St. Joseph Township lines seems to be plagued with water main break and flooding problems and homeowners say the city and township have yet to step up and fix the problem.

The Bombergers say a city water main has burst three times in the past year in their front yard.  In fact, they say they just now finished cleaning up their home from the last flood five weeks ago. "We’re afraid to leave the house, now have a fear to go away on vacation because what is going to happen to our house? They are not fixing the problem they are putting Band-Aids on the problem." expressed homeowner Valerie Bomberger. 

Because of the continuous flooding, the Bombergers have spent well over eight thousand dollars on home repairs. They say the city tells them it is not the city’s responsibility to come up with a long-term fix for the pipes.

The city redirected them to St. Joseph Township for a solution.  At this point, Valerie says, they desperately need this infrastructure to be replaced.   "I'm at breaking point now, I don’t know what to do I just don' know what to do." 


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