Honeywell retirees travel the country seeking help from Pres. Trump

NOW: Honeywell retirees travel the country seeking help from Pres. Trump

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — a handful of retired South Bend Hoosiers are trying to use their voices to get the president’s attention.

Former Honeywell workers are traveling across the country in the hopes President Donald Trump will keep a very important campaign promise.

They’re hoping the president will keep his promise to protect American workers.

“We worked all of our lives out there, dedicated, did our jobs and the company is not holding up to their end of the bargain and taking our benefits away from us,” said Larry Alexander, a 37-year-retiree of the manufacturing company. “And that isn’t right, they’re treating us wrong and if they want to keep America great, then by god, act up to it and give us our benefits back and keep it great.”

This group, Good Jobs Nation, first attempted to make contact with the president in Evansville during his rally last month.

Less than 30 days and five cities later, they’re still trying to get their stories to the White House.

“We had people up to 50 and 65 years, and were promised lifetime,” said Alexander. “Once you retire, you would be taken care of. Well lo and behold, we went to work every day and upheld are end and let us go. We’re not generating revenue so they just want to write us off and get rid of us.”

St. Joseph County’s council is sympathetic to their cause.

It passed a resolution on Tuesday, imploring the White House and Congress to step up.

With that nod of approval, they’re taking their crew to Pennsylvania Wednesday to make sure the president knows this county is watching what he does next.

“When they ask at election time do we think we’re better than we were two or three years ago, surely we’re not better off,” said Tom Zmyso, another Honeywell retiree.

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