Hoosier delegates look forward to Indiana Republican State Convention

NOW: Hoosier delegates look forward to Indiana Republican State Convention

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — local Republicans are gearing up for what they’re calling a game-changing state convention.

The party left the traditional host city of Indianapolis for Fort Wayne in 2014, and this year Evansville is in the spotlight.

“You don’t have to only live in Indianapolis to have a voice that gets heard in Indiana at least within our party and the message from our party is that everyone matters from Indiana,” said Republican delegate Rudy Yakym III.

Yakym believes the change in venue is signaling growth in the GOP party in Indiana.

He says not only is having the convention at the Ford center a game changing move for the party, he’ll get the opportunity to nominate a game changing statewide ticket during the event as well.

“We for only the second time are nominating in an all-female ticket,” said Yakym. “That is with our state auditor, state treasurer and secretary of state.”

The party is hoping Mike Braun will pull a major upset in November.

The Indiana US Senate Republican nominee is set to speak at the event.

“The RNC, the Indiana Republican Party, the NRSC, and the Braun campaign are working hand-in-glove every single day to make sure that Joe Donnelly is retired come November,” said Michael Joyce, the Indiana Communications Director for the Republican National Committee.

St. Joseph County Republicans are also looking to promote younger leaders within the party.

“This is a new experience for me,” said Notre Dame student Jake Mauch. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Mauch is one of two interns heading to the convention on behalf of St. Joseph County’s GOP party.

He says he hopes even more young Republicans like himself get involved.

“I think there is a great energy behind the party right now,” said Mauch. “I’m excited personally about the future of the party and where we can take it.”

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