Hoosier delegates rally around the issues in the 2018 midterms

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – delegates from our area joined hundreds from all across the state for the Indiana Democratic Party State Convention in Indianapolis.

They say the mission after Saturday is keeping this momentum despite the usual dip in turnout during a midterm season.

 “it’s not just donald trump folks, look across the street at the statehouse. We have to talk to everybody. We have to talk to these folks about what democrats are for,” said John Zody, Indiana Democratic Party chair.

Indiana’s blue team made clear the party’s core message and while the president was in its crosshairs, the party laid out what else is at stake.

“Livable wages, strong early childhood and public education, protecting access to healthcare, making sure we have fair elections by getting rid of gerrymandering and making sure that every single person in this state feels safe, secure and treated equally under state law.”

“When you look at the possibility of people losing healthcare because of preexisting illness, we can’t stand for that anymore,” said Oliver Davis, an Indiana Democratic Party delegate. “So I think those kinds of issues alone and what’s going on in our national and state, we have to come out.”

Getting people to come out in November is the goal, while getting voters involved with the party is many delegates’ hope.

“Going forward we stick to what we as democrats have as values and that we’re really pushing for the party being a party for the people,” said delegate Arielle Brandy.

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