Hoosiers aged 16 and older eligible for vaccine on Wednesday

NOW: Hoosiers aged 16 and older eligible for vaccine on Wednesday

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Just yesterday, the state of Indiana expanded eligibility from any Hoosier 40 and up, to any Hoosier 30 and up. In just one more day on Wednesday, age eligibility will take yet another major dip with any Hoosier aged 16 and older.

“I’m very happy that all individuals over the age of 16 will will have a chance to be vaccinated within St. Joe County,” St. Joseph County Health Officer Dr. Bob Einterz said.

St. Joseph County Health Officer Dr. Einterz said right now St. Hedwig Memorial is limited to administering 1,100 vaccines per day.

“At this point, we do not intend to go beyond that. There are of course a number of other sites within the community,” Dr. Einterz said “If an individual is not able to register at Hedwig’s site at an early enough time frame, they can of course look at other sites.”

Dr. Einterz says it’s pretty hard to predict just how long it will take if you’re a Hoosier aged 16 or older wanting to sign up and get your very first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The earliest appointment for any Hoosier eligible now to register at St. Hedwig Memorial is about two weeks out in mid-April. However, if you try out other clinics near you, you might come across a different timeframe. The Sam’s Club site, for example, is also booked up already, with the earliest appointment showing in the beginning of May.

While it’s hard to put a finger on an exact time frame, it’s safe to say you’ll more than likely be waiting for a few weeks or longer.

“If the demand is high, we should expect or they should expect that there might be some delays with the website,” Dr. Einterz said.

In just one day if opening age eligibility to anyone 30 and older, the Indiana Health Department reported that 79,000 Hoosiers hopped online to register. While there’s still some question marks in the air about Wednesday’s expansion, there’s lots of optimism that the registration turn out will sky-rocket just like the last!

“I’m hoping that in fact there will be a flood and That there will be a lot of enthusiasm among the 16 to 30-year old’s, as we saw in the 60 and 70- and 80-year old’s,” Dr. Einterz.

Any Hoosier who is 30 and older is currently eligible to get vaccinated, and you have until the end of the day today (Tuesday) to register before the large expansion to 16 and up Hoosiers tomorrow. You can register online at ourshot.in.gov or by calling 211.

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