Hoosiers rally in Indianapolis to get medical marijuana legalized

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--  "This needs to be taken care of in the state of Indiana," chanted the crowd.

Armed with signs and their voices, dozens of people from across the state gathered at the steps of the Indiana state house to stand united in the fight for cannabis reform.

“There are people who are suffering from medical conditions that if they lived in another state could be getting some relief," said Indiana State Representative, Sue Errington. 

Several states surrounding Indiana, including Michigan, and just 5 days ago, Illinois have legalized marijuana.

Ohio legalized medical use.

“We are now well behind the times in the state of Indiana, and it’s time to move forward," said Indiana State Senator, Karen Tallian.

According to the Indiana Prosecutors Association, in 2018, there were 22,000 arrests for possession of marijuana.

“It’s the second most arrested crime in the state of Indiana and it needs to stop," said Tallian.

A risk father David Curtis took when he traveled to Colorado in order to save his 6 year old daughters life.

She tragically passed away during the trip.

“There are only 5 pharmacies that fill it in the world. I was there 45 minutes, my daughter passed away. I know for a fact, I've seen it. The best two weeks of my daughters life was when she was on cannabis. If we had more guidance, she’d still be here today," said Curtis.

Right now, Governor Eric Holcomb and top GOP lawmakers are firm in their opposition toward legalizing the use of marijuana.

They previously stated that as long as federal government classifies marijuana as a dangerous drug, marijuana will remain illegal in Indiana.

"We’re going to get this done here in the state of Indiana, there’s no question."

I reached out to the governors office for comment but was told that there is none at this time.

We do know that bills have been filed for a range of proposals regarding marijuana, but they haven't reached committee hearings or votes in previous years.

Indiana representatives told the crowd it isn't likely that any marijuana proposal will pass in 2020.

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