Hope Ministries hosts Christmas dinner for homeless

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Hope Ministries served around 150 people at their annual Christmas Eve dinner for the homeless with help from volunteers from a local church.

Ottis Jones has spent many holidays hungry, he’s been homeless for the last three decades. On Sunday night, he was happy to share just how grateful he was for a hot meal and the organizations generosity.

“Right now, I’m trying to make my life better. People come in here and they do themselves better,” says Jones.

Members of the Evangel Heights United Methodist Church help out in the kitchen every Christmas. Some, like Joe Emmerth, volunteer each month.

"It feels harder the older I get, but, it is very rewarding," says Emmerth.

For resident Blanca Morales and her two kids, this Christmas is all about her gratitude for a new direction in life.

“Right now in life I’m exactly where I need to be. My background is not the easiest or the cleanest and stuff coming here I guess that was my way of deciding to change and to step it up for me and my children. So I feel like I deserve the chance to find happiness and serenity in my life,” says Morales.

In addition to Christmas Eve dinner, the church also served breakfast and lunch.

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