Hot weather can mean more car break-ins

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A rash of car break-ins that took place in neighborhoods around Beiger Elementary off of Lincolnway East is serving as a reminder that thefts go up along with temperatures.

Dozens of cars were vandalized over the weekend in neighborhoods off of Lincolnway East.  Verleen Obren, who lives on Virgil Street, believes she actually caught sight of the thief as she sat in her living room at around 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

"I happened to look out the door and he was just standing there staring at me,” Obren described.  “I couldn’t get out of my chair because I was so scared.”

She said the man ran off, she and her husband didn’t realize until later that he had ransacked the interior of their car.

“Then he went to the trunk and he opened it, but he didn't take anything out of the trunk,” Obren explained.  “He must've seen me sitting in my chair, because he was gone then, went quite fast."

Later the Obren’s learned that dozens of cars had been broken into in the area around their home.  Some had their windows smashed open; many neighbors told ABC57 that their cars had been ransacked just like the Obren’s.

Police say crimes like break-ins often occur more often in the summer as temperatures rise and more thieves are able to hit the streets at night.  Another reason is that when it gets really hot many people crack their windows to keep their cars cool, allowing thieves even easier access to their cars.

Police advise people to take all valuables out of their cars and call in any suspicious people lurking around cars and neighborhoods.

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