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Hotel Elkhart and Lexington event center get more funding, event center opening soon

NOW: Hotel Elkhart and Lexington event center get more funding, event center opening soon

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Redevelopment Commission took major steps forward to breath new life into Hotel Elkhart as well as the Lex350 Metropolitan Event Center.

Both of these projects will be completed sooner than you might think.

“This hotel will be that. It’ll be something that’s unique and different,” said Cressy Commercial Real Estate Partner, Edward Bradley. “It tells a story, it has a history, and we’re bringing it back to life with modern amenities, and we’re very excited about it.”

Tuesday afternoon, the Redevelopment Commission approved a $2.5 million dollar loan to revamp Hotel Elkhart.

Bradley says the hotel will soon feature 93 rooms, a tap room, among other amenities.

Not far down the street, the Lex350 Metropolitan Event Center will soon open.

The Redevelopment Commission funded $1,050,000 dollars for the direct construction of the event center.

Residents like Maryellen Baker are excited about both projects.

“It’ll be proprably something complementary, hopefully, to the Hotel Elkhart location for having another place to have events,” said Baker.

Officials with Lex350 say the opening date is right around the corner, next month on October 1st.

The hotel, on the other hand, will be completed by March of 2020.

Bradley says it will be a great thing for downtown Elkhart.

“We expect about 25,000 people per year to come to downtown and stay overnight,” said Bradley. “That impact is something the city hasn’t seen in decades because there hasn’t been a hotel in downtown.”

Bradley says the hotel renovation is actually a $15 million dollar project on its own!

And a quick fun fact, Maryellen Baker actually had her reception at Hotel Elkhart, so she’s really excited about those renovations as the hotel holds a special place in her heart.

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