House fire in New Carlisle causes heavy damage

NOW: House fire in New Carlisle causes heavy damage

NEW CARLISLE, Ind. -- A fire dealt very heavy damage to a house in New Carlisle Saturday night, reports say.

According to police, a call came in around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. 

The fire occurred on the 3000 block of Pheasant Ridge Lane. 

Reports say that the house has been almost entirely destroyed but nobody was harmed. 

The New Carlisle Fire Department is investigating the exact cause of the fire. 

“I feel bad that was terrible seeing something like that go up. You want to help but there’s nothing you could do,” Ted Hodowaniec, one neighbor said.

The fire happened just before 11:30 Saturday night.

“32775 Pheasant Ridge lane for a structure fire. Fire is on route. The home is reported as flames showing,”  a dispatcher said, in Broadcastify audio.

According to dispatch, everyone got out safely.

“It looks like everybody has evacuated the property. No injuries either,” a dispatcher said, in Broadcastify audio.

But neighbors tell me their two cats are nowhere to be seen and the house is destroyed.

“I know they’re animal lovers and she was very distraught that she didn’t know if they got out or not. It had hurt. It hurt them both,” Hodowaniec said. “They’re good people, real real good people so it’s a shame that it had to happen to them.”

Neighbors say the pair has lived in the neighborhood for over 15 years with their four animals.

They were watching the game down in the basement, when it happened.

“From what i know the fire might have traveled upstairs in the attic and possibly got started up there,” he said. “A couple days after Christmas and too bad the family has to go through something like that.

The fire coming at a terrible time so close to the holidays. But neighbors say, the season of giving isn't over just yet.

“They’re getting a good response from everybody trying to call in and see if they need anything any help,” he said. “Everybody feels for them at this time.”

ABC57 reached out to the New Carlisle Fire Department to see if they’ve determined an exact cause of the fire but have yet to hear back.

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