How to cash in on Indiana's unclaimed property

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--Millions of dollars of unclaimed cash wants to call your checking account home. $25.6 million to be exact.

"Free money! Or return of my money to be exact,” said Holly Vredenburgh, got cash from unclaimed property.

She visited this website Once there, she searched her name, two claims popped up, and she cashed them in.

"Mine was from an insurance company- a policy refund and there was a second one, a smaller one that was a previous employer benefit reimbursement," said Vredenburgh.

In addition to insurance benefits and utilitiy deposits, the most common unclaimed property is wages-like if you moved before your last paycheck.

"You fill out your personal information, your birth date and the last four digits of your social security number," said Vredenburgh.

If claims pop-up under your name, you're assigned a claim number. Next, you need to sign and return the forms mailed to you.

"And so then you mail it to an address in Greenwood, Indiana," said Vredenburgh.

It's free, easy and can be done right from your smart phone. It took Vredenburgh less than five minutes.

"Truly the most complicated part was to fill out your personal address, and put your social security last four digits and click enter and you were done!"

Done and a hundred and seventy three dollars richer- with ladies night on the calendar.

"Oh, I don't know if it'll be hiring a limo, but it'll definitely be a really nice dinner and at least some cocktails."

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