How to clean with green products during the coronavirus outbreak

NOW: How to clean with green products during the coronavirus outbreak

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As families work to clean their homes to protect themselves from the coronavirus, a Michiana cleaning company says now is a good time for people to consider swapping out some everyday cleaners for less toxic ones.

“Green cleaning is using environmentally friendly products to reduce the use of chemicals in your home,” said Nicole Petty, CEO of Green Clean.

Green Clean is a South Bend based business that started in 2010. 

“If you do it, consistently and all the time, then you’re going to become a healthier household,” said Petty.

Petty says there’s about 60 different chemicals in a person’s home.

It’s still being researched, but some studies say the chemicals in household cleaners are possible reasons for adverse health effects on a person’s skin and in their lungs.

“I definitely think it’s becoming more popular,” said Petty. “People want to bring this healthy environment to their children. They want them to eat clean, they want them to, you know, have their environment clean, breathing clean air.”

The CDC recommends people clean and disinfect surfaces to get rid of the coronavirus, COVID-19. 

Petty says while it can’t be done completely green, it is possible to implement some healthier alternatives. She suggests people start by using a Norwex to clean. It’s a microfiber cloth than removes up to 99 percent of bacteria using only water. Petty also recommends Speed Cleaning products. 

“I think overall, using environmentally friendly products, you will become a healthier individual, you know for the rest of your life,” said Petty. “It’s everything that you put into your body. No one thinks of dryer sheets as toxic, but you’re putting them into your laundry, you’re wearing them on your clothes.”

To then kill the virus, Petty explains the EPA only recommends disinfectants, which contain chemicals and toxins not usually used in green cleaning.

However, Green Seal says families can still choose disinfectants with hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, lactic acid, ethyl alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol, which they say are chemicals known to be less hazardous and don’t cause allergic reactions or asthma.

“Just the simple steps, there’s a mattress spray, you can spray down your mattress and keep that free of dust mites and things like that. And again, keeping your children safe. They’re walking on your floors, touching your surfaces, but again I feel like it would improve the quality of life and keep your family healthy.”

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