Howard Park’s ice trail remains open despite warmer temperatures

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Rising temperatures can potentially limit the number of opportunities to go ice skating, but Howard Park in South Bend remained open on Monday throughout their normal hours despite warmer weather. 

The ice trail already had to close down once around Christmas this winter season due to milder temperatures. Temperatures that climb to 55 degrees can lead to the ice trail closing down, depending on certain weather conditions.

However, officials with Howard Park say that they have the equipment that will allow the ice trail to remain open.

“Since it’s a brand new facility we have 3 coolers and it can keep it to 55 degrees,” Paul McMinn said, the Assistant Recreation Director for the City of South Bend. “We have different adjustments for hotter weather and colder weather so it’s really easy with the brand new equipment that we have so it’s not a problem.”

The ice trail is open until 8 p.m. and the playground is open all day.

The ice trail will continue its normal operations until Mid-March.

Officials say that around 30 thousand people have visited the ice trail in the past two months.

Merrifield Park in Mishawaka did, however, close down their ice skating rink on Monday due to mild temperatures. The rink has since refroze.

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