Hundreds gather in Battell Park to honor Connecticut victims

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Hundreds gathered in Battell Park Tuesday evening to pay tribute to the Connecticut school shooting victims.

"In times like this, I just get the feeling that we're not responsible enough to have guns," Warren Kirkwood, Pastor of Albright Church, said.

Those in attendance wanted to remember the families who are without their loved ones this Christmas.

"We're looking out for them, and we're with them on this," Taylor Cwidak, an attendee, said.

"We'll try not to look into the past," Jake Cole, a Mishawaka high school student who set up the vigil, said. "We'll look forward to the future."

Candles were lit, prayers were said, and promises were made that we won't let something as tragic as this happen again.

"Maybe because of it, we can look for hope that they didn't die in vain," Kirkwood said. "Maybe we can pick up that torch that they left for us, and we can take it from there, and make our nation for a safer place."

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