Hundreds hit the streets of downtown South Bend to 'walk a mile in her shoes'

NOW: Hundreds hit the streets of downtown South Bend to ’walk a mile in her shoes’

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Hundreds in the South Bend community hit the streets of downtown Sunday for the 24th annual Winter Walk, to ‘walk a mile in her shoes’.

“It’s all in support of there being a safe place in South Bend for women,” says Executive Director of St. Margaret’s House, Katie Elliot.

St. Margaret’s House is a local center for women and children in the community that need help with immediate needs, like hot meals, clothing, and toiletries. They estimate that more than half of their guests have to walk in order to receive those basic needs and services.

The Winter Walk serves as the largest fundraiser of the year; proceeds allow the volunteers and staff to continue providing life-changing hospitality and support to those who use their facilities.

“Every day here at Saint Margaret’s House we accompany women,” Elliot explains. “We walk with them literally and figuratively, so Winter Walk is a chance for the larger community to come out and support what happens here at Saint Margaret’s House every day.”

Everyday women at St. Margaret’s are getting the help they need to get back on their feet.

“I come every single day, Monday through Friday,” says Kassada Yobbe.

“It’s not just a place where we can come and hang out for breakfast and lunch, or what have you, it’s a place where can get to know each other and also share resources that a lot of people don’t know is in the community,” says Yeshia Tillis, who has been coming to St. Margaret’s for almost 30 years.

Those resources wouldn’t be there without the overwhelming support from the community that help the women at St. Margaret’s by joining them as they walk a mile in their shoes.

“A lot of people don’t have support, a lot of people don’t have family, and to be able to see people turning out for us is really awesome and great,” Yobbe says.

“This local community has enabled this ministry to be here for 33 years,” Elliot says. “We carry that responsibility, and we work hard everyday here to work up to the trust that the local community has in us.”

If you missed out on this year’s Winter Walk, mark your calendar for next years because it will be the 25th anniversary of the Winter Walk and they’re already planning on making it extra special!

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