Ice caves forming on Lake Michigan

Eric LePaugh says when he saw mounds forming on Lake Michigan, he knew he would find something great if he braved the cold.

"I thought it was amazing it is not big and the opening is quite small but when you get in here it opens up and there are these amazing icicles and stalagmites hanging down as what really caught my attention because not every ice cave is the same,” said LePaugh.

If you go out searching for ice caves on Lake Michigan, you never know what you could find.

"That's the thing with Mother Nature you never know what she's going to create. It's beautiful. You have to go out there and get adventurous and get off the beaten path and find your adventure, find something like this if you're on the beaten path all you're going to see is the beaten path,” said LePaugh.

According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, the Great Lakes are now more than 85-percent iced over.

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