Iconic Morris Preforming Arts Center undergoing major facelift

NOW: Iconic Morris Preforming Arts Center undergoing major facelift

SOUTH BEND, Ind - Downtown South Bend's iconic Morris Preforming Arts Center is currently undergoing a major facelift. The historic venue, which celebrated its 100th anniversary back in 2022, is receiving millions of dollars in upgrades.

City leaders say these renovations will help enhance the arts.

There are more improvements coming to the Center and the surrounding area to make it more of a tourist hotspot, revitalize downtown, and give back to the arts.

The plan consists of three phases: phase one, which was completed last September, focused on installing new carpeting and seats.

Now, phase two consists of renovating the inside of the center with an estimated cost of $18 million.

They plan to renovate the lobby, bathrooms, merch area, concessions area, and the entrance with an expected construction date of later this year.

Phase three of the project aims to renovate the surrounding area, including the park and plaza out front, but that project is still in its infancy.

Andrew Schreiber, the General Manager of Venues for the City of South Bend, says this project will look towards the next 100 years of the Morris. 

“Really, it's a new experience that I think is going to be visually stunning and iconic for everyone, for the area, and really blends the classic nature that we have here in the theater as well as looking forward,” said Schreiber.

Just next door, they completed renovations on the Palais Royale, an event space and ballroom.

They installed new floors and retouched the ceilings while keeping the historical integrity of the space intact.

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