If you're an Anthem customer, your personal info could be compromised

Anthem announced earlier this week they were the victim of a data breach. They said the personal information of over 80 million customers could have been compromised.

An initial investigation by the company shows that some of the information taken includes names, dates of birth, email addresses and employment information.

But what's even more troubling: your member identification, home address, and even your social security number could be in thieves hands.

That means your identity can be stolen, looting your finances and medical coverage.

The company says it will notify current and former members whose information has been accessed.

Anthem also says it will be providing free monitoring of your accounts and identity protection services.

There are a some things you can do if Anthem notifies you that you've been compromised. 

The first thing is to make a fraud alert to the three major credit companies.

Also you might want to consider a security freeze, which should prevent anyone from using your credit. 

Be mindful, that's the strongest option and you'd have to get that freeze lifted if you want to apply for a line of credit in the future.

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