Illinois community grieves plane crash victims, support lone survivor

The community of Nashville, Illinois is grieving over a family who died in a plane crash in Kentucky. They're lending all their support to the sole survivor, 7-year-old Sailor Gutzler.

Experts say the next few months are crucial as the community tries to make her feel safe.

"It`s heartbreaking it really is, my heart breaks for them,” said Robin Garlich.

Residents are still coming to grips with Friday night`s plane crash that killed 48 year old Marty Gutzler, his 46 year old wife Kim, their daughter 9 year old Piper,  and Piper`s 14 year old cousin Sierra Wilder.

"Lots of tears and lots of emotions,” said Michael Brink, the school superintendent.

The lone survivor, 7 year old Sailor, crawled from the damaged plane and walked almost a mile for help despite her injuries.

"When I heard it was surprised in the sense that anybody could do that under the circumstances then I thought about it well Sailor that probably makes sense,” said family friend Travis Volz.

Counselors were on hand to help fellow students cope.

Sunday night teachers met in the school library to prepare for all the grief.

"Sierra was a super nice girl, was interested in dance and drama, little more quiet and reserved,” said Brink.

Marty and Kim Gutzler were heavily involved in their children's extra curricular activities.

"They were just a mainstay for every event, everything, everything that happened every sport, every activity they were always involved in it,” said Volz.

Piper loved the outdoors

"I can just think of her kicking a soccer ball or running around that`s really what I think about,” said Brink.

They pray and hope for Sailor.

“She`s going to have to have a lot of love and a lot of support I think Nashville will give a lot of support to her and the family,” said Garlich.
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