Illinois counties owe over 1 million after state overpaid them

By KMOV staff

Springfield, IL (KMOV) - St. Clair and Madison Counties owe a combined over $1 million after the state overpaid them.

The Department of Revenue has overpaid around $168 million to cities, counties and school districts since 2014. Now, the state wants the overpaid funds back.

In St. Clair County, $72,000 was overpaid to Belleville, $23,000 to Cahokia and over $500,000 to East St. Louis.

In Madison County, Illinois gave Granite City nearly $400,000, Alton about $214,000, Collinsville a little more than $39,000 and Edwardsville about $27,000 in overpayment.

The state also overpaid the Granite City School District by more than $1 million.

Majority of local governments say the overpaid funds will be paid back by taxpayers.

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