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Immigrant community sees financial desperation with no stimulus check eligibility

NOW: Immigrant community sees financial desperation with no stimulus check eligibility

ELKHART, Ind. – It’s a controversy more than tens of thousands of immigrants in Michiana, mostly Latinx, might be bearing the brunt of: paying usual taxes, yet not being eligible for any of the $1,200 federal stimulus checks.

At Iglesia Bautista El Refugio, a Hispanic church in Elkhart, Lisa Collío said she has seen the amount of families arriving for food and monetary aids soar.

“The first week it took about three days to be able to give out the food; there really wasn’t that much need,” Collío said.
“And then every week it’s been running out faster. Last week it didn’t even last an hour.”

The Elkhart church leader describes economic and food insecurity for many immigrant families without full documentation who are put at a disadvantage amid the pandemic.

Since the shutdowns of non-essential businesses with high proportions of Latinx workers (factories, restaurants, and farms), many have lost income.

“In the long run, who are the people that are going to be left destitute? That’s going to be the people that are not allowed to obtain these benefits,” South Bend-based immigration attorney Cecilia Monterrosa said.
“And we live with these people. Undocumented workers and their mixed status families are our neighbors and our friends, whether you know it or not.”

A few states like California have already introduced mixed private and public funding to cover immigrant families without sufficient documentation, something Monterrosa said should happen for a smaller population like Indiana’s as well.

“I think it’s being fiscally responsible and recognizing that these undocumented workers are what we described earlier,” Monterrosa said.
”They’re paying into insurance, they are paying taxes. It’s called a stimulus check for a reason. It’s to stimulate the economy.”

ABC 57 reached out to U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s staff to provide insight on the issue Thursday morning - but never received a response.

Collio said her church in Elkhart is still accepting tax-deductible food and monetary donations from the community.

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Iceangel66 35 days ago
If they’re working with an item number they’re paying taxes. If they’re paying taxes there do a stimulus. If they’re married to a United States citizen the United States citizen at least should be eligible for a portion Of the stimulus. We are far more people who’ve been milking the system for years. In addition to those who have found ways around the system to abuse it. Far more. And guess what they also got the stimulus, their banking.
Iceangel66 Iceangel66 35 days ago
ITIN Number^
ghost 44 days ago
anyone with no income but a valid social security number will also not be getting one either.
Freiherr 48 days ago
Wait, I am confused. The 23,000 or so Amish that live in Elkhart and LaGrange Counties did not get a check either. Are they starving? Are they begging for handouts? Makes me wonder what is "really" going on here. If you break in to someone else's country do you share the insurance check for the damages for the break in? We should send a check to all the Chinese people in Wuhan also? Shaking My Head here.
JimBella 48 days ago
GO BACK HOME ...it's safer than in the United States now!!!
SteveWestlake 48 days ago
Wait a minute! Undocumented? No! Illegal! They should get their stimulus from their country of origin! First of all. We can't afford what's being done for US citizens. Let alone any illegals!
MX 48 days ago
Get legal. Get a bank account. Stop sending all your cash out of the country.
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