Increase in tall grass/weed fine goes into effect July 10

The tall grass/weed ordinance in South Bend goes into effect at midnight, July 10. Any property with grass taller than 9” will be subject to citation and the new, increased fines.

Fines for first violations are $250.

Property owners with more than three environmental complaints within 90 days, the city can request a code hearing.

According to the city, once code enforcement receives a complaint, a code inspector checks out the property. If there is a violation, the code inspector takes a picture and gives the property owner 48 hours to cut the grass.

If the code inspector returns and the grass has not been cut, the owner is fined $250.

The property is put on the schedule to be mowed and the property owner must pay for the cost of the lot mowing.

If that is not paid within 30 days, the city will send the bill to collections and could file a lien on the property.

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