Indiana Black Expo hosts event in hopes of bringing options to the Michiana area

NOW: Indiana Black Expo hosts event in hopes of bringing options to the Michiana area

The Elkhart Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo is hosting their college and job fair event right before school kicks off.

The president of the chapter, Robert Taylor says this event is for anyone and everyone. If there is a doubt on your future education or career plans, the College and Job Fair event is the place to get all questions answered

“Even if you’re not from Elkhart, please feel free to come over and take advantage,” says Taylor.

Taylor says this event will host numerous colleges. That means if you’re adult and you want to go to college, you can take a look at their adult studies programs

Right now, Taylor adds, some people don’t have options or they don’t know there are other options. Most people in the community are not aware there’s barber college and they don’t know they can go to culinary school.

That’s what this chapter is trying to do, help those in Michana become aware of what they can be part of in order to be successful.

Saturday’s event will be held at the Tolson Center on Benham Avenue in Elkhart, starting at 9 a.m. to noon.

Taylor says the timing of the event is perfect, that way students have a plan. “ We don’t want kids waiting until May to find out there at a dead end,” he says. “We’re trying to put it together now at the beginning of the school year. So that then in May I don’t have to walk up to my parents and say, ‘I don’t want to go to college, but I don’t know what I want to do.’”

This event is free to the public all you have to do is want the information.

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