Indiana Governor Holcomb discusses teacher pay at State of the State address

NOW: Indiana Governor Holcomb discusses teacher pay at State of the State address

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on Tuesday discussed his legislative agenda during his 2020 State of the State address, which included his plans for improving teacher pay.

Governor Holcomb declared to the Indiana General Assembly that he recommend $250 million from surplus in the next budget be prepaid to the teacher’s retirement fund, which will allow $50 million to be redirected to teacher pay.

Last year $150 million was pledged to pay off a pension liability. Further recommendations will be made in the spring by the Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission.

Teachers and educators throughout the state of Indiana have expressed frustration with Governor Holcomb for not prioritizing teacher compensation and public school funding.

Critics of the Governor say that increasing pay would incentivize educators to stay in Indiana and catalyze more academic success for students.

During his address Governor Holcomb also announced the creation of an Adoption Unit within the Department of Child Services, which would provide additional staffing to focus on finding permanent homes for children whose parents have lost legal custody of them.

Governor Holcomb also outlined what he is calling the five pillars in his Next Level Agenda:

Cultivate a strong and diverse economy: Operate within the state’s balanced budget, protect our Triple-A credit rating, and triple federal defense investment in the state.

Maintain and build the state’s infrastructure: Make US 31 free flow from Indianapolis to South Bend. Enact a hands-free device law to decrease distracted driving and increase safety. Connect unserved Hoosiers and businesses to high speed internet. Clean our highways with nearly 16 million pounds of litter picked up last year.

Develop a 21st century skilled and ready workforce: Invest in all Hoosiers to ensure access to meaningful work and careers. Eliminate unfunded mandates and unnecessary paperwork in K-12. Financially support educators who are working on the requirements to teach dual credit courses. Redesign the Department of Correction education system so more returning citizens can find jobs before release.

Strengthen public health and attack the drug epidemic: Expand OB navigator program to 20 counties. Increase penalties for retailers who sell tobacco and vaping products to underage buyers. Work to tackle health care costs by launching an “All-Payer Claims Database,” making it easier for Hoosiers to access information about hospital pricing and insurance reimbursement.

Deliver great government service: Open the first facility in the country to bring together everything our veterans need under one roof – Veterans Affairs, the DAV, Indiana Veterans Initiative, VFW, and the American Legion. Plant one million trees throughout the state.

“For all we’re doing to make Indiana stronger, the most important investment we can make is in our most important asset – our people,” Governor Holcomb said. “Everything we do is aimed at ensuring every Hoosier can take the greatest advantage of their talents, drive and aspirations.”

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