Indiana Governor Holcomb talks current state of opioid crisis

NOW: Indiana Governor Holcomb talks current state of opioid crisis

ABC 57 News - When Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb took office in January, he realized that the opioid crisis needed to be a top priority.

“When I was a candidate, I started to hear from folks from all walks of life,” said Holcomb.

Those conversations in 92 different counties all had one thing in common: addiction. It prompted the governor to take action from day one.

He immediately created a new position in state government that was dedicated to reversing the opioid crisis. He also created a website, which will serve as a resource for anyone dealing with or battling addiction.

The governor also released a strategic plan that outlines a three-pronged approach through prevention, treatment and enforcement.

“We are going to be doing all we can to crack down and send the message to the people dealing drugs that this is the absolute worst place in the world for peddling illegal substances,” said the governor.

Moving forward, his biggest focus is on treatment. It’s a focus that he laid out in his 2018 next level agenda.

“We have to do more,” said Governor Holcomb. “We’ve made progress with treatment centers all over Indiana, but we need to do more and do more now. When someone calls in and is grasping, reaching out for help, we need to make sure that call is answered that we can find empty beds for folks who are struggling,” said the governor.

While it’s a battle that can’t be won overnight, Governor Holcomb says it’s a battle that he’s willing to fight every day.

“We are not backing away,” said Governor Holcomb. “We are not retreating. We are in this together and we want to make sure folks get the care that they are looking for so they can get on the road to recovery,” said the governor.

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