Indiana Gubernatorial Debate Recap

NOW: Indiana Gubernatorial Debate Recap

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Tuesday, each candidate had 60 seconds to respond to a number of questions, some specifically tailored to their campaigns while others addressed national issues such as abortion and keeping IVF treatment legal.

Governor Eric Holcomb has not yet endorsed a candidate and says he would like to see more specific plans from candidates. Some of those specifics finally spelled out when the topic came to small town infrastructure.

All candidates also agreed they would support using State resources to deport undocumented migrants if Donald Trump is elected president once again, but disagreed on the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes with some in favor of prohibition, others open to medical use.

Democratic candidate Jennifer McCormick responded in a statement via her campaign:

“Tonight, Hoosiers watched as candidates for Governor spent 60 minutes catering to the most extreme voices in their party and ignored the kitchen table issues that actually matter. It was sad, and I know Indiana can do better."

The debate ended on a lighter note with which sports movie is better, Hoosiers or Rudy?

Only Chambers voted for Rudy.

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