Indiana Pacers star player injured

LAS VEGAS, Nev. --- Indiana Pacers all-star Paul George suffered a serious injury in the US National Team's scrimmage Friday night.

George jumped in an attempt to block a layup when his right leg smashed against the bottom of the backboard stanchion.

The game came to a halt and George's coach, Mike Krzyzewski, stepped forward to address the audience.

"With this serious injury and the fact that we stopped playing for a long period of time and in respect to Paul and his family, the scrimmage is done. And we want to thank you for your support, we appreciate it very much," said Krzyzewski.

Surgery on George's leg was performed late Friday night and revealed that he had no additional injuries to his knee or ankle.

Although the surgery went well, doctors expect George to be off the court for the entire season.

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