Indiana presents funding plan to help mentally ill children

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A new plan to help mentally ill children is being put into action in parts of Indiana. 

Children with severe mental illnesses are getting state funded services without going through the court system.

It's under a plan by the Indiana Department of Child Services. After those trials are evaluated the Department of Child Services will start taking requests from people to get care for kids who need it.

The program includes family members, schools and judges, amongst many others. The program will start in the Lawrenceburg area, about two hours south of Indianapolis.

According to DCS, it will cost $11 million to keep the program through June 30 and then it will need more money from the government to continue.

DCS will also fund services to children whose family are unable to receive Medicaid, or who's private insurance will not cover the costs.

Many think the program is desperately needed.

According to DCS, some parents who cannot pay for health services for their children have pleaded guilty to neglect charges just to make their children wards of the state, which makes the state financially responsible for care.


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