Indiana State Police driving tips for snow and ice conditions

The Indiana State Police have offered the following driving tips for inclement weather:

•Allow extra time to get to your destination.
•Clear all windows of ice and snow and remove snow from hood, roof and head lights and tail lights.
•Beware of bridges, overpasses and intersections where ice tends to form first.
•Don't use cruise control on slick roads.
•Avoid abrupt stops and starts, slow down gradually and keep wheels turning to avoid losing traction.
•Use headlights even during daylight hours.
•Increase the following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
•DECREASE YOUR SPEED according to the road conditions.
•Make sure everyone in your vehicle is properly restrained.
•DON'T BE DISTRACTED-Pull over and stop to use electronic devices.
•MOVE OVER and SLOW DOWN for emergency vehicles, snow plows and highway service vehicles.
For up to date Road and Weather Conditions, please call 1-800-261-7623, or visit INDOT's web site at PLEASE DO NOT CALL your local City, County or State Police for road conditions. PLEASE leave our phone lines open for emergency calls.
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