Indiana tiger mauling victim will return to animal sanctuary

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — An Indiana woman who was mauled by a tiger is on her road to recovery. Her mother is talking about her progress.

Marissa Dub was attacked while working in an exotic animal rescue center in late June. Her coworkers saved her life.

Her mother says she is getting stronger with each day.

While she has a long way to go, Marissa has already made a decision about her future with the animal sanctuary where she was attacked.

"She will be back there as soon as she can," said Marissa's mother Kris Dub. "They're welcoming her back at whatever capacity she needs to be back. So, she will definitely be back."

Marissa suffered trauma to her neck, a shattered jaw and cuts on her back and ear.

She's communicating through signals while waiting for her vocal cords to heal. 

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