Indiana Toll Road is too snowy for even the best drivers

LA PORTE, Ind.-- With little visibility and quickly accumulating snow, the dangerous road conditions on the Toll Road were enough to keep truck driver veterans from hitting the road.

As a South Dakota native, B.J. Berscheid is no stranger to winter.

"This feels like Spring time!" said Berscheid.

And after driving a semi on the Toll Road for 37 years, she knows when the weather is too dangerous.

"With no weight, there's nothing to hold me to the pavement," said Berscheid. "A good gust of wind could blow me right into a ditch. It's not worth causing an accident, possibly hurting someone else, or wrecking my truck."

Police said the Toll Road was littered with slide-offs and small accident throughout Friday evening. Most of those accidents due to travelers driving too fast and stopping too quickly. 
"It was getting really bad," said Berscheid. "There were a couple times you couldn't see a truck a quarter of a mile ahead of ya."
And for Berscheid, Friday's conditions were enough to bring her in. 
"It's my truck, my life, my load. It ain't worth sittin' in a ditch."  
Berscheid was not the only truck driver retiring for the night. In fact, she said the truck-lot was so full, drivers had to leave the plaza and continue west to another rest stop. 


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