INDOT hosts ‘Charging the Crossroads’ public meeting in Warsaw

NOW: INDOT hosts ‘Charging the Crossroads’ public meeting in Warsaw

WARSAW, Ind. -- INDOT is hosting a number of public meetings on its federally funded Charging the Crossroads program.

Kicking off in Warsaw Tuesday evening at Ivy Tech.

“Ev’s are taking off across the globe. The shift is happening, and we want to lead it, we want Indiana to lead it,” said Gabe Klein the Executive Director of the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation.

The program is federally funded through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure or “NEVI” program.

“The world is changing. In many ways the economy is being built around renewable energy. Transportation is probably the most visible aspect of that change,” added Klein.

“So, it’s 80% funding and then 20% funding from the Location site so will be a lot of gas stations that are applying, along with restaurants and other businesses where people may stop for a while.” said Cassandra Bajek the INDOT Northwest Public Relations Director.

As part of Biden’s promise of 500,000 thousand charging stations around the US by 2030 with 187,000 online at this moment.

Indiana plans to invest $100 million dollars towards its Connecting the Crossroads program.

39 sites along the state’s alternative fuel corridors or AFCs have already been chosen for the first round of charging stations being funded by the program.

Now, INDOT is anticipating more funding this fall, which would allow more sites to apply and be selected.

“It’s a great opportunity to make sure that we’re staying involved, in. you know. Things that are happening nationwide. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, so we wanna make sure that we have the infrastructure support as well. I’m just making sure that we stay ahead of curve as much as possible,” added Bajek.

INDOT expects the installations on the first round of charging stations to begin next year.

More information along with a full timeline can be found here

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