Indy grandma confronts would-be carjackers

An Indianapolis grandmother confronted three would be carjackers outside her east side home and survived, but was beaten unconscious, suffered broken bones and bruises to her face.

Kay Kise has lived on Indy's east side for more than four decades.

In that time she has seen her share of police cars responding to crime.

"I sat on the porch and watched, but no I've not been through anything," said Kise.
Sunday evening she was right in the middle of it.

She had just returned from the store when she came face to face with three teenagers who wanted her van.

"I had the bags on my arms and next thing I turned around and there is a gun right in my face. I'll never forget it. Silver and a big old hole in it and he said, 'Give me the keys to that car!'" said Kise.

She told him no.

"He said,'Give me the keys to that damn car!' I said, 'You're not getting that car!' and I smacked the gun away from my face," said Kise.

In return she got pistol whipped.

She fell back into her van unconscious.

When she woke, the teens were gone.

A trip to the hospital revealed she had a broken cheekbone and bruising and swelling on her face.

But around her wrist were those keys she wouldn't give up when she came face to face and stood toe to toe with those who meant her harm.

"What if their grandmother or mother or sister or somebody was done that way by somebody else. How would they like it?" said Kise.

Finding a small bit of humor in her situation, Kise says there wasn't much gas in the van so the teens would not have gotten far.

Police are still looking for the suspects.

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