Inside the Hoffman Hotel artist apartments

The Hoffman Hotel artist apartments are less than a month away from opening.

A sound proof music room, gallery and penthouse inspiration room are just a few of the amenities. 

“I’m excited! I am pumped. I can’t wait to get people in,” Tami Chin, senior property manager said.

The artists will start moving in on the first of March. 

The spaces are affordable, starting at $249, but a single household must make less than $24,000 to move in. 

“There are income guidelines and restrictions,” Chin said.

However, there are very few restrictions on art qualifications.

“You’ll go in front of a committee. They’re not going to judge the artwork. They’re just going to see what you’re going to give back to the community,” Chin said.

Yvonne Derosiers is a leader in the South Bend art community, as one of the founders of Fire Arts.

“It’s starting to grow and there’s more outlets for all the arts,” Derosiers said of the local art movement.

As the art scene grows in South Bend, Desosiers says it sculpts the community.

“It gives people something more enriching in their lives. It brings people into the downtown area,” Derosiers said.

Derosiers says she supports the idea of the artists apartments.

“They can find a reasonable space to live in and then work on developing their career. It’s kind of a win-win sort of situation,” Derosiers said.

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