Insurance agents extra busy after Monday nights storms

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Tuesday was a busy day for insurance companies with homeowners calling for damage assessments after Monday night’s storms. One South Bend insurance agency says without power, the process is much more stressful.

"We've got one phone line that's all,” said Benny Bendit of the Leadership Insurance Agency.

Although the storm killed their power, it didn’t kill their drive.

"Pen and paper the old-fashioned way,” said Bendit.

Agents used their cell phones to take calls from customers about claims.

"It's mostly residential wind damage, trees down, maybe some siding, some roofing that type of thing,” said Bendit.

David Giles went on a few calls to assess the damage.

"It has been busy, a dirty day, sweaty day,” said Giles.

Midway through the day Giles moved on to his fifth claim.

"In this case here we got a carport, looks like a two-car carport that was actually picked up from the ground and blown about 30 feet,” said Giles.

Most of his clients are sitting at home in the dark.

"They are trying to preserve their food with dry ice or take it to a friend’s house,” said Giles.

He says the only way it's generally feasible to claim food is if you have another loss as well.

"Homeowners’ deductibles are $500 or $1000 so it's covered, but it usually falls under the deductible. But if they have numerous other damages to the home it all goes and ties in with that as well."

Meanwhile Giles moves on to his next assessment.

"He had some tree branches down and some siding that was pulled away from his house,” said Giles. "We've been contacting several local restoration companies as needed to get them out and start mitigating damage."

It could be as late as Friday before power is restored for the agency.

Once the power is back on, the agents will be busy typing up all the handwritten information.

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