International BMX star Brett Banasiewicz remains in serious condition

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Local BMX start Brett Banasiewicz is expected to be in a medically induced coma for the entire weekend according to his mother Lisa Banasiewicz. Brett was injured yesterday afternoon while practicing his moves for an upcoming BMX competition in Virgina. 

The 17-year-old South Bend teen fell from eight feet up in the air on top of his head. Apparently he was practicing a 720 turn. He was wearing a helmet however he did suffer a major head injury.   

There is some good news, she was excited to tell ABC 57 News this evening that a Neurosurgeon informed Brett's Father Bill that their son should make a 100% full recovery. She was also excited to inform us that Brett's rehabilitation will be completed here in South Bend at Memorial Hospital. 

Bill Brett's Dad is by his bedside in Virginia, meanwhile Lisa his Mom is running the family business called, "The Kitchen," a BMX Skate park located at 3300 Sample Street. She plans on flying out soon but says right now all anyone can do is wait and pray for Brett to recover fully.    


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