Intersection in downtown South Bend renamed after veterans

The South Bend Fire Department, City of South Bend, and local veterans all came together to temporarily rename an intersection in downtown South Bend. But their plans don't stop there.

“We need to honor them. We need to remember them,” said Captain Ed Meyer with the South Bend Fire Department.

The South Bend Fire Department partnered with Helping Hands for Freedom and the Wounded Warrior Project to bring inured veterans to an intersection in South Bend, Friday.

 “People that come downtown can look up and see the sign and say, you know, we’ve got Wounded Warriors,” said Meyer.

A new street is up for the weekend.

The name – “Wounded Warriors Way”.

“It’s basically a thank you for sacrificing for us,” said Meyer.

One veteran is especially grateful to local and national agencies that help bring them closer.

“It’s just a great time to get together and see ‘em again, have a big cookout and go to the game,” said Mitch Nihart, a U.S. veteran and 5 year member of Wounded Warriors Project.

You heard that right – a tailgate and tickets to the Notre Dame game to be exact.

“It starts tonight. Takin’ them to the pep rally,” said Meyer.

So if you see a large group of bikes heading toward the Linebacker Lounge Saturday,

 “We have a police escort from the fire station to our tailgate,” said Meyer.

Don’t be afraid to follow.

“Anybody can come in, ok it’s right behind the linebacker right on Twychenham there,” said Meyer.

“If there’s any Wounded Warriors that we haven’t connected with yet, we invite you to come and meet us at the tailgate,” said Nihart.

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