Investigation in North Lake Apartments shooting incident continues

NOW: Investigation in North Lake Apartments shooting incident continues

ELKHART, Ind.--- There is an on-going investigation by the Indiana State Police after a shooting that occurred Sunday around 3 a.m., which involved an Elkhart Police officer and County Sheriff’s Deputy in the Northlake Apartments.

The suspect is involved in the incident is 27-year-old Michael Christian, who is facing multiple charges including resisting law enforcement and strangulation.

According to Indiana State Police, around 3 a.m. Elkhart Police Sgt. Justin Yoder tried to pull over Christian near County Roads for making an improper turn.

Christen then took off running towards the North Lake Apartments complex to enter an apartment door. Elkhart Police Sgt., Nathan Lanzen, chased after the suspect and while at the apartment door, Lanzen’s gun went off after a struggle with the suspect. A neighbor told ABC57 that the bullet went through their wall near the front entrance way.

No one was hurt.

According to Christian’s criminal background, he pleaded guilty in a domestic battery charge in April. He also appeared in court last week for violating his probation for these particular charges.

This is not the first time Lanzen has been involved in a shooting investigation. In 2016, Lanzen and another officer from Elkhart police were investigated for a shooting that killed Norman Gary and injured three other people.  

The victim’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit last month. Lanzen is currently listed as a defendant.

The Indiana State Police say Yoder fired his gun on in Sunday’s incident. Yoder is a four and a half year veteran. In 2014, he was honored for his role as a 911 operator during the Martin’s shooting, along with three other honors in the past few years.

The fate of the officer and sheriff’s deputy are still unclear at this time.

According to Sgt. Ted Bohner, the case will be turned over to the Elkhart prosecutor once the Indiana State Police are done with their investigation.


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