Investigation underway after shooting leaves woman injured

NOW: Investigation underway after shooting leaves woman injured

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- At around 3:40 PM police were called to South High Street in South Bend at the Miami Hills Apartment complex.

Police officers have confirmed that a woman was shot in the leg and was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses said that they saw two people shooting, and that they left the scene.

However, officers have not identified any suspects at this time and said that it’s too early to provide specific details on what happened.

One witness who has lived at Miami Hills Apartment complex for over 20 years, who was home at the time of the shooting, said that she didn’t think much of the noise at first.

“I was sitting in my living room, relaxing, getting ready to make myself a nice pot of coffee and I heard shooting which at first I thought were fireworks out back,” witness Katherine Qasem said.

The witness said that once she started hearing more commotion outside that she knew there was something more going on.

“This is probably the most dramatic shooting I’ve seen out here,” Qasem said.

Several complaints were filed in 2019 about the apartment complex and its unlivable conditions and high crime rate, ABC57 last reporting a shooting that took place back in March.

The witness worries that the crime and violence will never stop.

“It’s my home you know and I don’t want to see it shot up,” Qasem said.

“America, we need to come together now. We really do, now more than ever. This has got to stop, this is too much. We live in peace here at Miami Hills.”

Police are investigating the shooting at this time and told me that detectives are in contact with the victim of the shooting to find out more information on what happened today at Miami hills Apartments.

ABC57 will bring you more information on this incident when it becomes available.

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