Irene: South Bend mom stranded in NYC

South Bend, IN – We are hearing more and more Sunday on our Facebook and Twitter pages about the personal stories of those from Michiana that are either living or visiting the East Coast.

Dian Brown is from South Bend and is visiting her daughter Tia in New York City where she goes to school.

Dian flew to the city on Thursday and was suppose to come back home Sunday but her train was cancelled.

Dian and her daughter have never been in a hurricane before and didn’t really realize how bad it was until Saturday.

“We were walking out yesterday, we thought, oh, we will go to the store before the storm hits and get a few things or go to Macy’s right on the corner and that was closed. I think that was my first indication this is bigger,” Brown told ABC 57 by phone Sunday evening

Brown now plans on coming back to South Bend Tuesday.

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