Irish fans reeling over undefeated season

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – With Saturday’s big win and Notre Dame sitting pretty at No. 1 in the
BCS rankings, students are still reeling from all the excitement.

The #1 on Grace Hall is all lit up after Notre Dame’s blowout win against Wake Forest.

“We have had it lit up before but usually it is just for fencing or a sport like that but this time it is for football and that is why you come to Notre Dame.  That is why you are a Notre Dame fan.  We are all really excited,” said Notre Dame Senior Tebo Barnett.

Barnett said last night’s home game was bittersweet for the soon-to-be college grad.

“You know you look forward to it all year and when you know it is the last time.  It is really sad,” said Barnett.

But Barnett said the Irish holding onto their undefeated season eased the pain a little.

“Everyone brought marshmallows because you know you are going on the field after.  It was just amazing to be down there with all of my friends; cheering on the Irish going for an undefeated season,” said Barnett.

Barnett hopes the Irish will continue their winning streak next week against USC, a game he will actually be attending himself.

“I am going to USC.  We booked those tickets this summer and we did not think we would be having quite this much success, but I am so proud,” said Barnett.

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