Irish Legend Manti Te'o makes emotional return to Notre Dame

NOW: Irish Legend Manti Te’o makes emotional return to Notre Dame

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - The Notre Dame versus Cal game marked an emotional fall homecoming for one of Notre Dame’s finest, Manti Te'o, who returned to a hero's welcome.

Side by side with head coach Marcus Freeman, Te'o led the Irish out of the Basilica, inspired fans in front of Touchdown Jesus, and addressed the team in the locker room.

The most powerful moment of all was on the field before kickoff, when Te'o and his wife were asked to be part of the Honor Guard.

77,000 thousand on their feet reminded Te'o what it means to be home.

“It's been amazing," Te'o said. "It’s reminded me of pre-2013 and how it was. Trying to be a good human being and leader on and off the football field. I told the boys yesterday I would give anything besides my wife and my kids to come back and play here. My best years were here at this school. In this stadium. In that classroom with my teammates. It was the best years.”

Time heals, and so does home, Te'o's Notre Dame family surrounding him with love and gratitude.

A weekend that all, young and old who support the green gold and blue, will never forget.

“Every student - every student athlete that comes to this university, just give it everything you got," T'eo said. "Because I promise you if you do, ND will return the favor tenfold. I am eternally indebted to this school, to these people and whatever this school needs me to do, I’ll do.”

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