ISTEP testing begins Monday morning

Monday morning thousands of Michiana students will sit down for the first day of the spring ISTEP tests.

Indiana lawmakers are talking about changing the test up again, or getting rid of it altogether.

A state senator from Michiana wrote up Senate Bill 566. The goal would be to replace the state specific ISTEP test in favor of using a national test.

The proposed bill is the result of special committee meetings that rolled out late last year. Committee members were tasked with studying the effects of dropping the ISTEP test for another option.

If Indiana opts for a federal test, a student's final grade would include how well they do on homework and in class activities, known as formative testing.

Right now the ISTEP tests are summative and do not take into consideration class activities or homework.

Monday, students will begin working on the paper/pencil portion of the test. That testing window will close on March 1

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