Ivy Impact: Students gearing up for local careers in Manufacturing

Ivy Impact: Students gearing up for local careers in Manufacturing

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Ivy Tech is fastening the gears of the local Manufacturing industry. 

Graduates are filling jobs in Elkhart County, the second largest manufacturing county in the state.  

Matt Copeland, Assistant Manufacturing Professor says, “Elkhart, Mishawaka, South Bend area, we really are strong and local manufacturing.”  

Amid that demand, students are powering their passion for engineering in Ivy Tech’s state-of-the-art facility in Goshen.  

Student Gavin Smith says equipment includes, “electrical testers, hydraulic testers, pneumatic testers... Little phenolic robots that you can use for programming and things like that. We have a CNC mill, we have 3d printers that will do plastics and metals.”  

For students like Smith, this isn’t just a school, it’s a launch pad for careers right here in our community. He says he wants to, “stay in this area I want to put back into the community that’s helped me out with the schooling, the education to get where I am today.”  

Some aiming to land local jobs, while others are here to boost their skills at their employers' request.  

Another student, Austin Lemberg says, “Keystone RV sponsors this, sent us here to further develop our skills. Of course, new, learn new things. That way we can bring value back into the company”  

Mason Swank, also a student, adds, “with my job, they want to become more automated. So that's why they have me doing these classes. And I can tell what I'm learning from all the lessons here. I can carry it into work.”  

With each graduate that chooses to stay and work here, Ivy Tech continues to tighten the nuts and bolts of the local manufacturing industry.  

Copeland says, “we're trying to take problem solvers and push them out to the companies who have problems, and so they can fix them.”  

If you’re interested in looking at enrollment in the Manufacturing program or Ivy Tech in general, just head to its website. 

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