Jackson County deputies surprise drivers with gifts

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Michigan -- You better watch out.

"I couldn't think of why I would be in trouble," Laurie Gary said.

You better not speed.

"I was thinking well what did I do?" Claire Schulcz said. "I knew I wasn't speeding and I waited until the light turned green."

Because Jackson County deputies are going to pull you over.

"I was scared," Gary said.

And when they get you they're going to give you… presents.

"From ipads to gifts cards to just toys for kids," Marla Sanford with American One Credit Union said. American One partnered with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office for this event.

When they stop somebody, the deputy asks the typical question: 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' but then they start asking about your Christmas list.

"I was laughing because how many officers do you have ask you 'what do you need for Christmas?'" Gary said. "Or what do you want?"

A team listens in on what the driver wants for Christmas and gathers up the gifts on the wish list. They bought toys for one driver's one-year-old granddaughter. Laurie got some new boots. You never know somebody's situation during the holidays. Every little bit helps.

"It was gonna be kind of tough this year to put something under the tree," Schulcz said. "So this is really gonna be helpful."

And if you think you're going to go out there and drive around like a maniac just to get a present, you're sadly mistaken. The deputies gave out their last gift. And even if they hadn't, they were getting people for some very minor violations.

"For my license plate not being able to be read," Bradley Wilkes said,

"For not using my blinker," Schulcz said.

"I didn't get my seatbelt fastened," Walter Chiles said.

These little traffic stops reminded the drivers that police aren't the bad guys.

"It shows that they've got good hearts," Laurie said. "A lot of people don't believe the officers don't have a good heart. And they do... They do.

"Talk to them," Schulcz said. "They will help you"


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