Jackson Middle School receives PPE donations

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Jackson Middle School received donations of personal protection equipment for their students.

Each student will receive drawstrings bags containing face masks, hand sanitizer and school supplies provided through donations from PPE manufacturer Green Shield as well the the South Bend chapter of Black Lives Matter.

“Masks right now, the scientists say seem the best way t prevent it and we are required all day long in the building all day long,” Principal Tiana Batiste-Waddell said. “So we want to insure that our students have what they need but again we want to make sure that we’re able to keep that community feel. So that’s important and so neat that they were able to help us reduce the cost of the masks cause then were were able to use those dollars to make them personalized and still feel like that Jackson unit here at school.”

Local business Ivory Koast Tees printed the School’s logo on each bag and mask.

Principal Bastiste-Waddell and teachers will be distributing materials to help students as they prepare to to begin in-person education.

“It takes more than just the efforts of the school,” Batiste-Waddell said. “The community needs to get involved to make sure that our students and our youth have what they need to be successful.”

Jackson Middle School was also provided new signage made possible through a donation from Steve Fidler, president of Kuert Concrete.  The news signs reflect the school’s vision, mission and core values.

The signs are also designed to help students safely navigate halls while practicing social distancing.

Altogether the donations have saved Jackson Middle School more than $2,400.

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